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I also hate that some people make me so remember when they think that my town, I Toca Boca, and Miga are so similar. These are three different companies and three different ideas. I discovered my tongue weight before I discovered a Toca Boca. When I was trying to find a Toca Boca app I searched up town apps and I found Miga. It’s just really make me mad and I think you are to let people know that yours is different from everyone else’s.

I really like all of the stuff you have created. Everyone does, but the thing that is really bugging people, is the whole ‘Pay to play’. Toca Boca is a game you have to buy, and everything is free in-game.

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Your game is free and in-game it’s not, so whats the point. So how bout, everything is free in-game, however, themes. For example, it’s Christmas, you guys make a Christmas package with new characters, clothing, ect. I think people would like it more like that, then what ever you have right now.

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  • Personally if even some things like the hotel, etc were free, the game would literally be 5 stars EASILY.
  • So which of these apps have the most downloads, which apps have the most revenue?
  • Its a good game but you only have the house the rest of places are locked you have to pay for them.
  • Parents are expected to guide their kids while they’re playing.

In trying to place the characters on different seats or feed them, much of the entertainment of this title resides. I’ll admit, I love the novelty of being served a dish that appears to be moving, but the true appeal of the bonito flakes that top MIGA Bold Noodle is that they moderate the sinus-clearing heat. When built as an entire bite, the udon noodles, shrimp, bok choy and shaved dried fish create a balanced and savory taste that I do not want to stop eating. The portion is large enough to share, or to take home for another meal, and pairs well with one of the off-menu sweet Korean wines . The portion size for this dish is on point, and one that is totally justified with the $16 price tag if you’re wanting an in-between dish that’s not in the entree section of an appetizer.

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After its completion, open your file manager and select the necessary application file Download the app now and create different stories in the world you create. There are so many hidden treasures for you to find in this game. This also includes the different dress combinations for you to try. It is worth mentioning that you can also change your face in this game, thanks to the different face elements.